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In order to make your application to Ca’ Foscari University as successful as possible, here are some useful tips for successful admission in 2024/25!


  • Be sure to read all the official information regarding the preliminary evaluation for international students.
  • Be sure to read the relevant programme profile on the application platform for each degree programme in which you are interested. Apart from a general description, the profile also tells you about the programme’s language of instruction, its entry and language requirements and whether it has an entry test.
    To consult the complete list of our degree programmes, use the Search button on this platform’s homepage.
  • Please mind the deadlines of the admission rounds! There are different application rounds during which you can apply depending on two major factors: first, your nationality; and second, if you already live in Italy and have a permit of stay that allows you to enrol in an Italian university. To see the admission rounds that work for you, navigate to this platform’s landing page and INSERT YOUR CITIZENSHIP IN THE UPPER RIGHT-HAND CORNER. This will ensure that the news item with the relevant admission rounds appears.
    NB: If you are a non-EU citizen already residing in Italy and in possession of a residence permit that allows university enrolment in the 2024/25 academic year, keep in mind that you have access to the same admission rounds as EU applicants. For more information, write to


  • You can only register on the platform once, and once you have registered, you can only submit one application. However, you can apply for up to two (2) different degree programmes with your application.
  • The list of required documents is indicated in your online application: please upload only the documents required. Any unrequired documentation will not be consulted and cannot influence the evaluation of your application.
  • If your entry qualification documents are not in English or Italian, you must provide both verified copies of the original as well as English or Italian translations produced by an official translator. We only accept official translations.
  • Your application will be IMMEDIATELY REJECTED if it does not include: (1) a valid ID document (passport for non-EU citizens; ID card or passport for EU citizens); (2) your mark sheet or transcript of records with its official English or Italian translation; and (3) FOR MASTER’S DEGREE applicants, both your CV and your letter of motivation. Also obligatory at the time of submission: for applicants to our master’s degree in Environmental Humanities, your thematic entrance essay; for applicants to our master’s degree in Comparative International Relations, your certification of a B1-level knowledge of a second language among those listed.
  • We only accept colour PDF copies of your original documents.
  • If you are a high-achieving student and you wish to apply for the targeted financial aid that Ca’ Foscari offers international students, please check for updates regarding the call for applications.


  • The “Save” button allows you to make changes to your application as you work on it over time. You should only use the “Submit” button after you have completed all parts of the application, uploaded all of the required documents and paid the application fee (here are some tips on the specific process of paying the application fee). In fact, the “Submit” button will only work once you have paid the fee. After making your payment, you don’t need to write an email to let us know! Everything occurs automatically.
  • While you should only submit your application once you have completed it and uploaded all of the documentation required, you can submit it if the only thing missing is your language certification. Just keep in mind that if you are accepted for admission, you will have to provide this certification in order to be able to enrol!
  • The International Office’s Welcome Unit will only pre-evaluate submitted applications: applications with statuses such as “reopened”, “prepared”, “inactive”, “blank” or “blocked” cannot be evaluated.


  • Be sure to check the email you provided during registration as regularly as possible. That’s where we will write to you in case we need more information or in order to inform you about the progress of your application. ALWAYS USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS IN ANY COMMUNICATION YOU HAVE WITH CA’ FOSCARI AND DURING THE VISA REQUEST PROCESS, if you need a visa.
  • In order to know when you can expect to hear back about your application in the different phases of the evaluation, check the dates of the admission round during which you submitted your application.
  • If we need to ask you for additional information or documentation during the pre-evaluation of your application, you will receive our feedback via email. Please read the feedback carefully and respect any deadlines provided.
  • If you are declined admission to a specific programme for the 2024/2025 academic year in one round, it is not possible to re-apply for admission to the same programme in the same academic year in a subsequent round. You only get one shot each year!
  • If you need to ask any questions: we receive large numbers of emails, so to save time, be sure to check if you can find the answers to your questions on this platform or the Ca’ Foscari website.

The Welcome Unit team

13 Sept 2023