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Once you obtain your letter of acceptance, it will be the right time to explore your options for housing.

Have you already thought about what you’d prefer? Do you want to live in the historic centre of Venice or on the mainland? Do you want to share a room or have your own?

There are two types of housing that students make use of most:

  • student residences (some are private, some are managed by the regional government)
  • shared apartments made available to students by private landlords

Since we know how stressful – and personal – the hunt for housing is for an international student, the university has implemented a dedicated professional Housing Office service in collaboration with STURENT ( that allows you to explore one or both of these options with the assistance of a dedicated team of experts.

If you request the Housing Office’s assistance, its team will do its best to find what you are looking for, and you can be confident that communication with landlords and/or student residences will always be clear and efficient. The Housing Office will even manage the formalization of your accommodations, checking your lease to make sure it is prepared properly and protects your interests.

To get a sense of some of what’s on offer in terms of private apartments with rooms/beds for rent, check out the STURENT online platform. It allows you to communicate all of your preferences — for instance, if you want a single, a spot in a double, or an apartment to share with your friends, as well as how much you’d like to spend.

If you are interested in the idea of living in a student residence, it’s important to know that the Housing Office service can help you apply for a room and manage communication with your preferred residence(s), but it has no influence on the assignment of the available spots – which, we must be honest, are never enough to satisfy students’ requests. The assignment of the available spots is carried out independently by the residences themselves, each with its own process and timeline. If you were not to succeed in obtaining a spot in residence, however, the Housing Office service would be ready to help you find an alternative! You can read all about the range of residences to get informed.

In the event that the Housing Office works on your behalf and finds you accommodation that works for you, its successfully rendered service will cost 175 euro (tax included). We hope that this investment will help give you the security and peace of mind you need to be able to concentrate your energy on all of the other things you need to arrange and do before joining us in Italy to begin your studies. While it is true that there are other ways to search for housing – some students search on Facebook, others contact independent agencies – these are channels for which the university can neither vouch nor offer guarantees, and thus they bring with them a measure of uncertainty and risk, so please keep this in mind!

We wish you all the best with the various steps you need to take before we get to welcome you to Venice in September.

13 May 2023