Tuition fee €5,000 per programme


The Foundation Year programme is a propedeutic year-long programme designed to prepare international students for studying degree programmes at an Italian university.

It is composed of three learning modules: a general curriculum, the chosen study track, and the language module (English or Italian). For more information on the curriculum, visit this webpage.

All General Curriculum subjects and Study Tracks are taught in English.
The Study Track in Humanities is also offered in Italian.

Programme structure

All students take the ALL courses of the General Curriculum:
- Modern and Contemporary Italian history
- Critical Thinking
- Academic Writing

Students choose ONE Study Track from the following:
- Economics and Management (ENG)
- Humanities and Arts (ENG/ITA)
- Science and IT (ENG)

Students choose ONE language module from the following:
- International Option (English): students will study to achieve a C1 language level in English together with an Elementary Italian course aimed at promoting the student life in the city and at the university.
- Bridge Option – Intensive B1 (Italian): students will study to achieve a B1 language level in Italian with which they can apply to a degree programme at Ca’ Foscari (under a special agreement that allows them to achieve a B2 by the end of their first year).
- Bridge Option – B2 (Italian): students will study to achieve a B2 language level in Italian (entrance level of A1 required).
- Native Speaker Option: a personalised option for students who are native speakers of English and have a B1 (or higher) knowledge of Italian, or native speakers of Italian with a C1 (or higher) knowledge of English. Students in this category will take extra disciplinary courses in English along with courses in academic writing in Italian, and will be required to write a short thesis.

For detailed information on the courses please check our website: