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It is now possible for non-EU citizens residing abroad to begin the visa application process by carrying out the online pre-enrolment procedure on the Universitaly portal of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You can find everything you need to know about the pre-enrolment procedure on our university website both in English and in Italian, but here are the basics:

  • The Ministry has indicated that the deadline for embassies and consulates to issue study visas is November 30. While this deadline occurs after the 2021/22 academic year will have begun, it is designed to ensure that any difficulties caused by the COVID-19 emergency do not prevent a student who deserves a visa from succeeding in receiving one.
  • The deadlines to apply for a visa are still being determined, and may vary from one embassy/consulate to another. The Ministry will communicate the details to us as it coordinates the matter with its diplomatic network, and we will then inform you.

The challenges that the pandemic has created and continues to create may mean that some students may not obtain their visa in time to travel to Italy to begin classes in person from the very beginning of the academic year. However, we will ensure that the deadlines of our enrolment process will facilitate studying remotely until the visa is received and it is possible to come to Ca’ Foscari in person. We are committed to making it possible for our new students to begin their studies on time – even if initially online – despite the problems created by COVID-19.

Sending our best,
The International Office team

6 May 2021