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Like the rest of northeast Italy, the cities in which Ca’ Foscari’s campuses are located are currently facing the challenge posed by the rapid spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

As a result, classes and exams have been held remotely for a number of weeks, just as is beginning to happen more and more on campuses at countless universities around the world.

Here in Italy, the government has taken aggressive action to combat the virus’s spread as responsibly as possible, including by severely limiting mobility and temporarily closing shops selling non-essential goods. The goal is to dramatically slow the rise in the number of infections and protect those members of the population who have a harder time fighting the virus, especially the elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions.

As more facts have come to light, it has become clear that COVID-19 neither heeds national borders, nor respects cultural differences. In short, we are all in this fight together. In fact, your own community may be experiencing the virus’s impact in your home country. We sincerely hope that your loved ones and friends remain safe and healthy.

While the challenge posed by the coronavirus is undoubtedly significant, researchers around the world are working hard to hone our ability to mitigate its spread and impact, so we are looking forward to the moment when schools and universities like ours will get back to a more normal routine. We are also optimistic that you and other students who have applied or are considering applying to Ca’ Foscari for admission in September will endeavour to think long-term by remaining committed to your plan to become a member of our university community.

To keep you informed, we will continue to update this article with new information and developments.

Sending our best,

The staff of the International Office

26 Mar 2020