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Since the fall Ca’ Foscari has worked to ensure at least partial access to in-class lectures while guaranteeing online access to those unable to attend in person.

Since early March 2020, Italy has been working to limit and manage the spread of COVID-19. Although the most critical phase of the pandemic has likely passed, both Italy and Ca’ Foscari are maintaining caution. For the foreseeable future, mask wearing, social distancing and temperature-measurement protocols will remain in place to ensure the maximum degree of safety possible.

At the same time, Ca’ Foscari is committed to offering its students the on-campus experience they expect. As a result, the university has instiuted a dual teaching system for first-year courses at both the undergraduate and master’s levels. This means that lectures take place in the classroom and a limited number of students are able tor reserve a spot to attend in person while the remaining students follow from home via streaming. To make access even easier, lectures are being recorded and made available online for a full week after they are given. Students reserve their place in the classroom using a dedicated app on their phone.

As a result, regardless of where our new students will be in September, they will be able to follow their classes. You can read more about it on our online coronavirus information hub for students.

As we are all very much aware, the coronavirus is a world-wide challenge that neither heeds national borders, nor respects cultural differences. We are in this fight together. We hope that your own community and your home country are succeeding in containing the virus’s impact and we wish you and your loved ones safety and health.

Please continue to keep your eye on the news section of the application platform’s homepage for updates about these and other aspects of the Ca’ Foscari experience in the coming months!

5 Apr 2021