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Types of accommodation offered

The Ca’ Foscari Housing Office is willing to give support in finding accomodation to all accepted or conditionally accepted students. Applicants with a pending status must wait for their letter of enrolment eligibility before asking for support.

We kindly advise you that:

  • Ca’ Foscari Housing Office can give support to applicants, but does not guarantee an accommodation
  • It is always mandatory to pay a deposit in advance for booking an accommodation
  • Rents must be paid every month within the deadline established on the accommodation contract
  • Declaration of hospitality (Dichiarazione di Ospitalità) for visa purposes: Ca’ Foscari does not provide directly the Declaration of hospitality, it can be provided only by who actually will host students during their stay here (Landlords, Student houses/Private residences/ manager). In order to receive this document, it is necessary to book a place where to stay, paying a deposit in advance and ask directly the host.

Please find here the types of accommodation offered by the Housing Office that you can choose from:

  • Private Residences (Collegio privato)
    This kind of accommodation is not subsidized.
    Ca’ Foscari University has agreements with the most important Private Residences in Venice. Students interested in this kind of accommodation must submit their application form to Ca’ Foscari Housing Office, in order to rely on a safe and direct channel to get accommodation in one of the residences within the deadline scheduled in the agreements (usually it is the end of June). Accommodation in private residences is very requested, thus it is recommended to complete the application in advance.
    Prices can be found on this web page.
    Please note that the updated information will be available on May 2020.
  • Private shared flats
    Private shared flats are directly offered by landlords through the Housing Office.
    It would be specified when an offer come from a real estate agency, since in this case students must pay an extra fee to the agency.
    The Housing Office has several contacts and offers for flats to rent in the Venice district (Venice, Venice Lido, Mestre, Marghera, Campalto, Favaro and surrounding area) and in Treviso.
    The average cost of a single room in Venice main island is € 400,00 + bills, and € 350,00 + bills for a place in a shared room. Prices must be higher if the double room is rented for single use.
    Please note that in other areas of the region rents can be a little cheaper.

For more information about the above-mentioned types of accommodation, please contact directly the Housing Office.

The Subsidized student residences offered by ESU
This kind of accommodation is managed by ESU, the regional institute for financial aid (Diritto allo Studio). Flats and dorms are available in Venice, Mestre and Treviso and usually they are the most convenient in the main island.
In order to ask for this option students must read the call and send the application with all the mandatory documents. Usually the call is published in June on the ESU web site.
Please note that applicants must meet the criteria established in the call. If students do not meet the income or merit requirements, they can apply for the remaining places available only after the first housing allocation.
Since ESU and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice work separately, all specific queries must be requested or submitted directly to ESU offices.

29 Sep 2019