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Thinking toward the fall, Ca’ Foscari is taking steps to ensure the smooth integration of new non-EU students enrolling in our bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes.

While the university has offered access to classes and lectures both in-person and remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to returning to an emphasis of the in-person attendance of classes and lectures starting in September. At the same time, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has set a November 30 deadline for the issuance of the study visas that non-EU degree-seeking citizens require to enrol, which means that some students will likely end up receiving their visa only after the fall semester’s in-person classes have begun.

Therefore, in order to prevent non-EU students from missing their lectures due the late issuance of their visa, the university will be providing such students with access to video recordings of their fall-semester lectures until their visa is issued and they are able to arrive in Italy to attend their classes in person.

If you are a non-EU applicant planning on beginning your studies at Ca’ Foscari in the fall, we would strongly encourage you to begin the visa request process by pre-enrolling on the Universitaly platform as soon as you receive your letter of eligibility for enrolment:

As we get closer to the beginning of the next academic year, remember that you can always keep updated about the latest news regarding the university’s management of COVID-19 and the pandemic’s impact on the student experience any time, anywhere by visiting our online COVID-19 Information Hub.

Take care and stay healthy!

8 Apr 2022