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The Italian government is requiring all university students to be in possession of a Green Pass for classes, facilities, services and activities.

This new measure is designed to make our campuses and classrooms as safe as possible and it takes effect September 1.

In order to obtain a Green Pass, students need to carry out specific procedures based on their specific case. If you are a student about to begin your studies at Ca’ Foscari, you can find what you need to do by consulting our online COVID-19 Information Hub.

As far as ensuring access to classes during the potential wait to reach Italy this fall and to obtain the Green Pass needed to access university classrooms, in-person services and activities, Ca’ Foscari will be providing online streaming of lectures. Our rector has expained everything in an article in our Cafoscarinews online magazine.

In September we will still need to maintain mask-wearing and social distancing measures, so we will continue to use the equal-opportunity reservation system we have successfully employed this year, allowing you and your peers to reserve one of the classroom spots made available based on current regulations about the number of people each physical classroom can host.

Classes begin on September 6 for programmes in Languages, and on September 13 for all other study areas!

We hope to see you and your Green Pass in Venice soon!

27 Aug 2021